Hygiene is a Habit, Discipline is a need and processes lead uniformity!


Training Riders

We are training riders on the best practices of safety and hygiene as issued by WHO — proper method and frequency of hand sanitization, sneezing etiquette, and wearing of masks — along with identification of warning symptoms. Free face masks have also been distributed to the riders


Sanitization Booths

At partner restaurants, hand sanitizing stations have been set up at the order pick-up point for the riders to wash their hands before they take the packets for delivery.


Cash On Delivery Disabled

This has been done to minimize contact between the customer and the delivery partner. This means you need to make the payment online for every order you place.


Contactless Delivery

For all prepaid orders, customers can select the contactless delivery option on the app. The rider will leave the package at your doorstep and intimate you. This way you can avoid any contact with the rider.


Using Hair Nets and Gloves In The Kitchen

We ensure that every kitchen staff wears a hair cap or hair net with gloves and follow proper hygiene measures while preparing food.